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Testing a website/software/app for mobile or desktop is no longer troublesome; it now is a job that involves no manual work but some instructions called automation script to be executed. Selenium lets you automate your web browser and relax until you get the job done without any further involvement of yours. Selenium India provides you custom-based selenium automation testing services, supporting all the web browsers, viz. Chrome, Firefox, and more. Below are the Selenium testing services we offer:

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UI Automation Functional Testing

Selenium is the significant addition to our testing toolkit as our team follows a lithe philosophy on our web application projects.

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UI Automation Regression Testing

We perform Regression tests and uncover new software bugs in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system that may get introduced during enhancements, patches or configuration changes of the application.

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Data Driven Testing With Selenium

One may have to test more than once with different inputs to perceive how the framework carries on. We make the job easy for you by data driven testing with Selenium.

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Browser Compatibility Testing

We consider compatibility as a serious issue – that is the reason we use Selenium which lives up to expectations with many browsers, operating systems, programming languages, and testing frameworks.

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Selenium Performance

Selenium allows parallel testing; can execute even when the browser is minimized.

Tick Selenium

Selenium is advantageous in terms of cost, time, effort and flexibility.

Selenium Choice

Today, selenium stays as the first choice of testers for automated testing of websites

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We have helped hundreds of our clients in and across India in testing their applications. A few of our recent clients are:


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